Sonic GTG

Since the weather was decent on Saturday, and I’im tired of being trapped in my house because of the cold, I decided to head to the local Sonic for a for a small GTG of local car enthusiast……although, it seemed like the only people around were dubbers.  I half expected it though seeing as Vw’s are like the new Civic in my area. There was also a few SRT 4’s (boring) and a Bmw with a terrible body kit and factory wheels. ( UGH ) But It was nice getting out and seeing everyone again and just hanging out and enjoying things. The food was alright for a Sonic but nothing to write home about. The fact I didnt have my Bmw with was kinda dissapointing ….its sitting in my garage with the interior torn out at the moment, not the greatest when warmer weather is around the corner.  Well heres some pics from the night ENJOY!

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