Going Hillclimbing

Ok,so I haven’t posted much in the past few months and there is a very good explanation for that. At the beginning of the summer I decided to turn my my Bmw into something I can use at a few track events and hill climbs in my area, I still wanted to be able to use it on the street and take it to meets but I needed to add some safety items to be able to thrash it on the track….Did I mention the Duryea Hillclimb was only two months away( not much time to prep a car for track duty)At this point I phoned the fine folks and ordered up an Autopower Race Roll bar…

I also installed a Sparco Sprint V FIA approved seat, Schroth Harness and some Vac Floor Mounts, Thanks to Vac the installation of the seat was super easy….getting it in the right position was whole different story.

After spending many late nights in the garage going over brakes,changing fluids, and getting some race rubber ready it ended up looking like this


Some last minute thrashing and I made it to tech…passed and made it to my first Hillclimb, which happened to be our local one as well.

It was a whole different experience actually running the hill climb and being present with more of a purpose than just taking pictures, the smell of race fuel and race cars rolling in early in the morning is quite an event.

After the drivers meeting it was finally time to attack the hill!

Photo Credit:Shea Auman



After my first run I  was in a state of euphoria, Ive driven up Duryea Drive many times to visit our local Pagoda but never at such a pace!  The car felt awesome, the Hankook Ventus RS-3’s stuck to the road like glue and the suspension felt well balanced. At this point I realized all my late nights were worth it to experience this.




Photo Credit: Jeff Hart

Throughout the weekend I continued to get faster and faster as I became more comfortable with the car, Overall I finished with a time of 146.023 seconds to the top which was some 20 seconds quicker than my first run of the weekend. In the end I had a great time and kept the car out of the weeds ( A major bonus) Im pretty excited to get out on the track more and do some more Solo events so stay tuned!

And just a reminder H2o in Ocean City Maryland is in just a few weeks….it is one of the premier Vw & Audi events in the world and a giant party!! So don’t miss it





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