Morgantown Autocross

Spring is near, that means two things are soon bound to happen. Warm weather is around the corner and race(and show season) is about to start. Luckily Pa wasn’t turned to a frozen tundra over the past couple of months so the winter wasn’t to bad but that doesn’t change the fact that the weekends are a little uneventful. But enough of that and on to the important items, to kick off the season and blow the dust out of the tail pipes the Blue Mountain Region Scca hosted a small (in size) autocross but even with the small lot at the old Morgantown Outlet Mall over 80 people turned up to attack the cones, the amazing weather didn’t help to turn people away either.
Morgantown Auto-X
There was a total of 3 run groups for the day and each group got 4 runs, luckily with all the action going on the Scca track workers were keeping things running smoothly of running and the cars were leaving the line as quickly as they lined up.Morgantown Auto-X-11
Everything was present from classic british sports cars such as thisTriumph Tr6 owned by Richard Good
Morgantown Auto-X-16
To some American Muscle piloted my good friend Jake Stoyer
Morgantown Auto-X-24There may be a smile somewhere under that helmet.

Morgantown Auto-X-5

His dad, Joe Stoyer also brought out his Foxbody Mustang to have a go at the course.

Morgantown Auto-X-21


Cars were leaving the line hard all day long, with the rears spinning and stone’s flying Bill Hughes in his Chevy Camaro was in Attack mode.

Morgantown Auto-X-23

This Bmw was also hard off the line, foot to the floor and taking no cones as prisoners.

Morgantown Auto-X-4

Miata’s are always a popular favorite at an Autocross thanks to there lightweight and nimble handling, even with the nice weather this particular entrant decided to run with his top up all day but that didnt stop him from diving hard into the corners.

Morgantown Auto-X-3

This Miata however ran with his top down, maybe it was the full cage keeping him from putting it up.

Morgantown Auto-X-19

One of the requirements of any Scca autocross is if you run, you work. Each station was ready to go with a team of people to tackle duties of uprighting hit cones, flagging, and calling out cars that committed violations.

Morgantown Auto-X-22


Throughout the day people were lining up to check their times and see who was on top of their game for the event, friendly banter could be heard all day from friends to new acquaintances when a time was beat.

Morgantown Auto-X-9

Of course without the hard work of Bmr doing the timing and scoring, the competitors would never know who was ahead.

Morgantown Auto-X-10



Eventually the fastest time of the day was claimed by Richard Good, and he deserved it too. His Tr6 is blistering fast and one of the most impressive  ones I have seen to date, it doesn’t matter if it is at a Hillclimb or a parking lot this car is FAST!

Morgantown Auto-X-18


Local photographer Justin Jermacans was also on hand to get some fantastic shots of the day which can be seen here


Morgantown Auto-X-14

For the first event of the year it was a fantastic one, the weather great and the turnout was even better. Besides pulling my usual photographer duty I was also running my 92 Bmw 325i.

Morgantown Auto-X-27

After running the Duryea Hillclimb last year this is only the second time I have really been able to put it to the wood without having Johnny Law chase me down….and what a great time it was. Hearing the inline 6 underneath the hood bark and scream while navigating my way through the cones was an experience that  I won’t soon forget. Luckily I had my GoPro on hand to capture the action.

The day was success and I think everybody in attendance will agree with that, thankfully the next one is on April 21.








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